Brian O’Connell Gives Expert Tips for Writing an Airtight Will

Brian O'Connell Trust Trial Lawyer West Palm Beach

August 3, 2020

Brian O’Connell Trust Trial Lawyer West Palm Beach has years of experience in estate law and has plenty of advice for anyone looking to write a will that can’t be discredited. 

Writing your will can be a daunting, unpleasant process. And unfortunately having a basic will in place may not be good enough. It’s unfortunately common for a will to be contested by family members or beneficiaries who aren’t happy without how assets are divided. When this happens, it can take months to settle your estate, and in the end, your assets may not go where you intended. 

Suggestions from Brian O’Connell trust lawyer West Palm Beach 

To avoid having your will being discredited and having your assets distributed in a manner you didn’t desire, follow these expert tips from Brian O’Connell. They’ll ensure that if anyone tries to contest your will and drag your estate through a difficult legal battle, the executor can prove the validity of the will. 

Hire a qualified estate attorney. Not just any lawyer has the knowledge to write a will that can’t be contested. A seasoned professional like Brian O’Connell can make sure all the right pieces are in place for your will.

Update your will when necessary. Any time you have an important life change, like moving, getting married or divorced, or buying or selling a large asset, you’ll need to update your will, Brian O’Connell says. That will make sure your will covers all of your assets and no one can claim that it’s out of date.

Destroy all copies of old wills. Once your will is updated you need to destroy any copies of a previous existing will. Brian O’Connell warns that if anyone can locate a copy of a previous will, they can try to content the legitimacy of any newer documents. 

Keep copies of all correspondence with your attorney, and anything else related to your will. This documentation can help prove the legitimacy of your will if it’s called into question. Brian O’Connell has seen how valuable this documentation can be if someone tries to prove that a will doesn’t truly represent your desires, or that you weren’t of sound mind when you drafted it. 

By following Brian O’Connell’s advice, you’ll end up with a will that stands up to any contention after you’re gone. Contact Brian O’Connell trust lawyer Palm Beach for assistance writing your will, or updating an existing will to make sure it holds up against anyone looking to contest it.