Brian O’Connell Trust Lawyer West Palm Beach Offers Estate Planning Services

Brian O'Connell Trust Trial Lawyer West Palm Beach

December 30, 2020

Protecting Estate Assets with Dynamic Legal Structures and Advice

Brian O’Connell is an experienced attorney offering estate planning services in the West Palm Beach community. Given that estate planning can impact multiple generations and beneficiaries, it is a critical process best-reviewed and honed by a trust lawyer.   

Brian O’Connell trust trial lawyer West Palm Beach walks clients through the process of estate planning utilizing personalized attention and industry best practices. This process entails planning for the management, distribution, and disposal of estate assets once clients pass-away. This includes selecting beneficiaries and executors, which can take foresight and legal guidance.  

Wills and trusts are an integral part of the estate planning process. Brian O’Connell trust lawyer West Palm Beach is adept at creating wills to meet the needs and wishes of clients, helping all stakeholders in the process secure their legal claims and rights. Similarly, Brian O’Connell can recommend the right type of trust and trust deed provisions to secure estate assets. Given the complexity of the legal system and all the different options for asset protection, working with the right attorney is critical for trust formation.

Brian O’Connell trust lawyer Palm Beach helps clients plan their estates taking into account tax ramifications as well. This process seeks to minimize estate taxes, gift taxes, and generation-skipping taxes among other tax liabilities. It is prudent for clients to work with Brian O’Connell to minimize taxes to the legal minimum because he understands the nuances of the law and the most advantageous legal structures.

Regardless of the size of the state, it is beneficial to plan for the future. Many of the same legal documents and structures are used to protect assets. However, for estates that have significant assets that are in multiple states or countries, more planning and advice may be needed. Brian O’Connell can help with the process of gaging estates and the necessary steps to protect assets. While some estate planning can be done at home, working with a professional is critical for optimal outcomes.
Brian O’Connell is an experienced and well-known trust lawyer in Palm Beach. Whether representing clients at trial or helping them create well-defined wills and trusts, he provides high-quality legal service. He received his legal education from the University of Florida College of Law, holding both a Juris Doctor and a Master of Laws.